Alan McAleese Obituary

Alan McAleese Obituary, Alan McAleese Has Died

Alan McAleese Obituary, Death Cause – Mr. Alan Stephen McAleese Her demise came as a complete surprise on April 11th, 2023, a day that had not been selected as the one on which she would leave this world. In addition to being an uncle to Elaine, Michele, Lisa, Pauline, and David, he is a dedicated brother to Adam, Alan, and Marty, as well as a compassionate brother-in-law to Adam and Alan and a loving brother to Marty.

He was Elizabeth and David’s most cherished child, and they doted on him constantly. The funeral will take place on Tuesday, April 18th, 2023 at 10 am in his parent’s home, which is located in Belfast at 22 Tullyard Way. The date and time of the funeral have not yet been determined. There has been no decision made regarding the timing or date of the funeral service.

In the immediate aftermath of the conclusion of the memorial service, the body will be laid to rest in Roselawn Cemetery. I was hoping you could hold off on sending any flowers if that’s at all possible. In lieu of flowers, donations can be donated to the MacDermott Unit at Ulster Hospital; please make checks payable to the organization listed above.

Donations sent by mail to the hospital can only be paid for using checks because no other form of payment is accepted. His family and friends will miss him very much, and the funeral service for him will take place at the Willowfield Private Funeral Home in Cregagh, which can be found at 440 Woodstock Road in Cregagh. His loved ones will miss him very much.

You can get there by getting off of the M1 at the Cregagh exit and then following the signs for Cregagh. They were unable to recognize the sound of the angels approaching because God spoke your name in such a soft whisper that it was impossible for them to recognize the sound of the angels approaching. Nobody else was able to pick up on the fact that God was calling out your name.

You alone were the only one who understood what he was trying to express. The news of your leaving broke our hearts, but we are aware that you did not go of your own free will. You were forced to leave. In point of fact, on the day that God took you to be with him in heaven, a small portion of both of us went there with you. We were able to join you in paradise because of you.