Accident On 295 Today Jacksonville FL -

Accident On 295 Today Jacksonville FL, Wrong-Way Interstate 295 Crash Kills 1

Accident On 295 Today Jacksonville FL – Accident Today On 295 FL Jacksonville Early on Saturday morning, a multi-vehicle collision on Interstate 295 involving an 18-wheeler resulted in one fatality and two injuries. The incident happened in the early hours of the day. Unfortunately, the BMW’s driver passed away as a result of the collision. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the collision left both the drivers of the Hyundai and the 18-wheeler with injuries that are regarded as life-threatening.

Regarding the possible explanations why the Hyundai might have been traveling in the wrong direction, the Florida Highway Patrol withheld all relevant information. While workers continue to clean up the area, the southbound lanes of Interstate 295 are currently shut down close to the Atlantic Boulevard intersection. It is anticipated that this shutdown will last for some time. The Florida Highway Police have received a report that a woman from Texas, who was driving a Hyundai sedan and had just turned 22, was reportedly traveling in the opposite direction on the left southbound lane of Interstate 295 starting at Beach Boulevard (FHP).

An 18-wheeler from Hastings and a man in his twenties driving a BMW sedan from Jacksonville were both traveling south on Interstate 295 toward Beach Boulevard at this time. The man from Jacksonville was driving the BMW sedan, and the man from Hastings was driving the 18-wheeler. A Hyundai and a BMW crashed head-on at about 3:11 in the morning. The Hyundai spun out of control, while the BMW turned and hit a guardrail. The 18-wheeler, which was traveling in the opposite way, struck the BMW as it moved into the right lane. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the 18-wheeler and the BMW both tumbled down an embankment at the same moment, which led to the truck toppling over.