Tracey Penrod Obituary Fort Lauderdale, Tracey Penrod Has Passed Away

Tracey Penrod Obituary, Death Cause – In the accident, she sustained substantial brain damage in addition to damaged ribs, according to Michael, her brother, who shared this information with us a week ago. In a statement that was sent out through email on Friday, a family representative for the Penrods indicated that the family had no comment. According to a report on the event that was made public on Thursday by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, a domestic aggravated battery took place at the residence in Fort Lauderdale at approximately 6:30 a.m., which led to the victim receiving injuries.

Tracey Penrod, who was a co-owner of the Elbo Room, passed away in the hospital on Friday morning, according to a post made by a relative on social media. She passed just ten days after a fall at her Fort Lauderdale home from a height of twelve feet, which the police are examining as a possible case of domestic aggravated violence. Penrod was taken to Broward Health Medical Center on March 14 in a critical condition after he was rushed there by emergency personnel.

The report omits certain specifics, including names, locations, and other information. After the collapse, a man dialed 911 and yelled for police officers to come assist him. The caller explained to the dispatcher that a female victim “fell on the concrete” when she “was climbing over the railing.” The report does not provide the specifics of what the officers discovered at the site since they were blacked out.

The member of Penrod’s family who shared the news of his passing on social media on Friday pleaded with people to “please be respectful of our family during this time as we are going through another loss this year.” In August of 2016, Penrod’s son Max Higney, who was 24 years old, passed away. Elbo Room on Fort Lauderdale beach was a famous destination for spring break revelers, and Penrod, age 54, was a co-owner of the business together with her siblings Michael and Michele.