Toby Cava

Toby Cava Obituary, Seattle Washington, Famous Actor Toby Cava Has Died

Toby Cava Obituary, Death Cause – The Liars were under the notion that Toby would watch them while they changed clothes from his perch in the tree house that was adjacent to Emily’s bedroom window. Alison and her friends made an attempt to exact revenge on him by throwing a stink bomb into the garage of the Cavanaughs’ home. Jenna Marshall, who is Toby’s stepsister, was blinded as a result of the explosion, despite the fact that it is unknown whether Alison intended to target Jenna or Toby.

Toby is a fan of riding motorcycles, and he has a tattoo on his arm that reads “901 Free At Last.” This tattoo commemorates the day, September 1, that he was finally able to ignore Jenna and her advances, which was also, coincidentally and ironically, the day that Alison DiLaurentis vanished and was later found dead. Alison used her threat to tell the whole town about their affair as a means of blackmailing Toby into taking the responsibility for what she called Jenna’s “accident.”

At the moment, Alison was going to tell the whole town about their affair. There is no other explanation that makes sense for who would have delivered this letter or any of the other messages that have become increasingly threatening throughout the course of the third season. In the last moments of The Woman Killer, it is revealed that Toby, in addition to Mona, is a member of The “A-Team.” As Spencer learns this knowledge on the occasion of their first year anniversary, she makes the decision to put an end to their relationship as a direct result of the revelation.