The Fashion World of Today, TikTok Core, Curating wardrobes to one’s personal style

Did you able to buy a pair of chestnut UGG Classic Ultra Small Platforms? What do you think of the Aritzia Babaton Contour Squareneck Longsleeve Bodysuit? A black Skims Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress is one alternative. If your response to that question is “no,” you are one of the thousands of shoppers who “caught the trend too late” and chose to buy these products after millions of TikTok users had already been won over by them.

As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak pushing people into quarantine, TikTok experienced growth. They naturally turned to their phones for entertainment, and TikTok, with its quickly consumable ten-second films, became the wellspring of many viral fashion trends. The Explore Page features a ton of fashion and styling films, whose producers amass millions of fans as they spread varied aesthetics and microtrends. TikTok fashion trends vary widely and are occasionally given creative, evocative names that capture the essence of the attire.

The VSCO girl, Coastal Grandmother, Y2K revival, Grunge, Twee, and Clean Girl fashions have all been well-liked in recent years. Often referred to as “cores,” these fashion fads include the Abercrombie-core, Barbie-core, and Clown-core. A handful of these microtrends co-emerged with fashion aesthetics. Fashion fads known as micro trends peak in popularity before often dissipating just as swiftly.

Well-known creators introduce them to the TikTok fashion community, they experience a brief period of popularity spike, audience acceptance via For You Page algorithms and comments, a subsequent period of popularity decline, and finally a sad demise when the microtrend inevitably goes out of style and is perceived as “cheugy” or “so last week.”

TikTok’s launch has only strengthened the popularity of microtrends in the fashion industry because of the algorithm that enables millions of users to watch the same video showing a certain look. The promotion of new trends through #ootds, hauls, sponsored posts, and #grwms has been made possible by this platform. Teenage and young adult TikTok viewers are compelled to buy the item when they see other people appreciating how other people see them through their clothing.

Furthermore, because microtrends are essentially performative, it is challenging to determine whether adhering to them enhances or detracts from individuality and self-expression. Microtrends are easier to access due to their growing popularity. If not for the fast fashion stores like Shein and Cider that offer affordable clothing, why else would you buy false pearls from SheIn to go with the Coquette/Lolita-core look?

Aesthetics allows people to express their individuality via their clothing, which also fosters a sense of community. While some focus on neutral tones, athleisure, and simple aesthetics, others, such as the Weird-Girl style, lay a stronger emphasis on merging bright colors through color-blocking with abstract designs. The Weird Girl aesthetic has even been dubbed anti-fashion because it defies categorization and creates its own.

Even at a closer glance, it’s obvious that the Weird Girl aesthetic encompasses a variety of apparel items, from huge bomber coats to tiny short skirts, Y2K baby tees to multicolored knee-high socks. Although there are many TikTok-inspired aesthetics available, it’s important to remember that microtrends do influence quick fashion, so this is something to keep in mind as self-expression becomes more enjoyable and accessible for people all over the world.

Due to the fact that businesses must create and produce things in a few weeks in order to stay up with trends, the transient nature of aesthetics and microtrends on TikTok raises concerns about overconsumption in their promotion of fast fashion. This raises the question of whether adhering to microtrends is indeed morally right given that doing so requires supporting an industry that makes money off of other people.

The timely reminder that capitalism and quick fashion do not promote ethical buying comes from micro trends. The TikTok platform, which offers a thorough and constantly-evolving style guide, makes it easier and less stressful than ever to curate a wardrobe to suit one’s individual interests. The implementation of the procedure is really easy. You buy something as a consumer if you enjoy it.

You won’t buy something if you don’t like it. The unpleasant times of donning knee-length dresses, leggings with obscene off-the-shoulder blouses, or denim on denim are no longer necessary. Choosing one’s particular style when creating a wardrobe, according to microtrends and aesthetics, can save a young person a ton of time and hassle that they would otherwise spend debating whether to wear what they feel like wearing or truly express themselves.