Steve Taylor Obituary Atlanta GA, Steve Taylor Has Passed Away

Steve Taylor Obituary Atlanta GA, Steve Taylor Has Passed Away

Steve Taylor Obituary, Death Cause – Alright, here we go … I remember reading somewhere in the early days following Steve Taylor’s passing that time does not heal; rather, what heals is time combined with the intention to heal. It was my unwavering devotion to Steve that encouraged me to continue delving deeper, exposing more of the hurt, and working through it. And it was the fact that Steve told me, a few months before he passed away, that ‘if I die first, I want you to find a good man.

who loves and protects you and makes you feel safe,’ that kept me open to finding another great love in this one life, rather than drowning in a pool of tears or withering away when I lost him. Steve told me this because he wanted me to find a good man who loved and protected me and made me feel safe. I was under the impression that the only way he would be able to finally find peace is if I am okay…really okay… And the tranquility of his mind was the single most important thing to me.

My dear friends, I have made a few announcements in the past that have felt monumental, but this one feels like the most monumental of them all! It is impossible to conceive of a life devoid of complexity… It is intended to be difficult to understand… It is our responsibility to breathe, to support one another, to evolve and grow, and most importantly, to love one another. This is why God put us on earth.

So, one day shy of two and a half years since I and the rest of the world lost the beautiful Steve Taylor, I am announcing that his desires for me have come true. Here we are, one day shy of two and a half years since I, and the rest of the world, lost Steve Taylor. I am about to board the plane to return to my wonderful neighborhood at the same time that I make the announcement that I have found another incredible man

who comes from another family that is loving and supportive and who has promised to love me forever, and the majority of Stevie’s family has accepted Clifford Berry as a member of their own family. To have discovered yet another incredible man, in addition to being encircled by such an abundance of love and support, makes me feel like the luckiest lady on the face of the earth.

What a wonderful vacation we had in Idaho! Friends, family and an engagement (eeek!) to a beautiful man  I pledge to adore you until the end of time, Clifford Berry! You are permitted to continue to take pleasure in life even if you are going through the process of bereavement. No matter how long or how short it is, it is precious in its own right and ought not to be thrown away.