Robert Martineau Obituary, Robert Martineau Has Passed Away

Robert Martineau Obituary, Death Cause – When he passed away, Robert “Marty” Martineau, who had previously served as the police chief of McKees Rocks, had reached the age of 84. Martineau had been in that position for many years. In light of the passing of Robert “Marty” Martineau, the McKees Rocks Police Department would like to offer its deepest condolences to his family.

His life was devoted to the service of others (1962-2008). Those who were close to him and knew him well would say things about him such as how devoted he was to his family, how punctual he was, how focused and motivated he was, how much fun he had, how amusing he was, and how big of a personality he possessed.

Robert “Marty” Martineau served the community as a police officer. Martineau lost his battle with illness earlier this week, and he did so after a relatively brief period of time. Marty devoted every waking moment of his life, which lasted a span of 46 years, to the betterment of the organization as well as the community.

They would also say how large of a personality he possessed. In addition to that, they would mention how much fun he had. He would constantly have a smirk or smile on his face underneath his white uniform shirt, and he would covertly convey supportive remarks and words of encouragement to everyone that was around him. He would always have a smirk or smile on his face below his white uniform shirt.

Under his white uniform shirt, he would invariably be seen with a smirk or a smile on his face. They will each do it in their own special way, but in some way or another, they will all communicate their regret at his departure. The general public will have access to the information that will be made public regarding the preparations that are going to be made for the funeral within a short period of time after it has been made public. In addition to keeping the entire division in your thoughts and prayers, please remember his loved ones and friends in your thoughts and prayers as well. Please also keep the rest of the division in your thoughts and prayers. I am grateful.