Robert Brotherton Obituary

Robert Brotherton Obituary, Robert Brotherton Has Sadly Passed Away

Robert Brotherton Obituary, Death Cause – We regret to tell you of Robert Wendell Brotherton’s death in Louisville, Kentucky’s Jewish Hospital on March 24, 2023. He was a resident of Nancy. Our deepest sympathies go out to Robert Wendell Brotherton’s loved ones. Please know that the Brotherton family is in our prayers as they go through this difficult time. We are keeping him and his loved ones in our prayers at this time.

Robert was the son of the late Bernard Brotherton and the late Allene (Brotherton) Tarter, who both predeceased him, and of the late Athel Tarter, who predeceased him as well. Robert’s mother, father, and stepfather all died before he was born. On September 22, 1946, Robert entered this world in Somerset, Kentucky. The 22nd of September is Robert’s special day. Wendell Brotherton was a loving husband to Karen for 52 years and a doting father to their two children.

Son Robert Eric Brotherton and daughter Robin Bernal. The life of Robert Eric Brotherton ended in 2002. (Fabiano Bernal). Wendell’s three grandchildren brought joy and happiness into his life, and he cherished each of them in his own unique way. All of Wendell’s grandchildren were equally dear to him. The Bernal family is well represented, as shown by the presence of Chloe Brotherton, Morgan Bernal.

Also surviving Wendell are numerous nieces and nephews, including those named Teresa Haynes, Melissa Helm, Angie Brotherton, Amy Brotherton, Steven Merrick, Sharon Dalton, Sabrina Merrick, Stephanie Woodson, Michael Merrick, Rickey Merrick, Brian Merrick, Jason Merrick, Amy Merrick King, Torey Thompson, Kevin Hargis, Teresa Prouty, Lesley Baker, and Belinda Baker, to name a few. Wendell leaves behind his wife, sister-in-law Diane Brotherton.

Wendell’s sister-in-law is named Diane Brotherton. And he plans to leave his parents behind as well. His family had already left before he did; his parents, sister Tamera Daulton, brother Ronald Brotherton, and nephew Eddie Daulton had all left. He had lost all of his family members and was the last of his kind. Nobody else in his family had made it, and he was the lone survivor. His entire family, including his parents and all of his siblings.

After completing his high school education at Pulaski County High School, Wendell was awarded his diploma. A lot of pride welled up inside of Wendell as he thought back on his time spent serving his country in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. After then, he stayed with the Crane company for the next fifteen years. Wendell and Karen, who have been married for over fifty years, ran a successful cow farm that they owned and operated themselves.

In addition, they branched out into the sale of mattresses of all kinds in the year 1990. Wendell’s favorite things to do on the farm included driving about on his tractor, tending to the crops, hanging out with his family, and watching his granddaughters play. Wendell was loved and respected by all who were lucky enough to name him father, papa, friend, or family. Wendell was an exceptional human being and his loss is a great loss.