Rick Cutler Obituary, Rick Cutler Has Passed Away

Rick Cutler Obituary, Rick Cutler Has Passed Away

Rick Cutler Obituary, Death Cause – We are overcome with grief after learning of our beloved friend Rick Cutler’s unexpected departure. We have all shared the stage with Rick, and our sadness at losing him as a close friend and fellow artist will be palpable. We would like to extend our deepest condolences to Rick’s wife Cathy and the rest of his family on behalf of Cori, Layne, Michael, Paul, and Cary.

His children, Kate Cutler Reichart and David Cutler, as well as his three grandkids, Emma (Reichart) Virgl, Tess Reichart, and Ned Cutler, will carry on his legacy after his passing. After his older brother Tom, Dick Cutler was brought into the world on September 29, 1929 in Farsund, Norway by his parents, Richard and Aaslaug Cutler. In 1944, the family relocated, first to Cincinnati, and subsequently to Philadelphia. In following years, Dick received his diplomas from Friend Select School and the University of Pennsylvania.

He spent the majority of his career working in the publishing industry in New York City, where he eventually became a well-known figure in the ski industry. He held positions at Skiing Magazine, Warren Miller Entertainment (the producers of the pre-season movies that avid skiers and snowboarders anticipate each year), and finally the Ski Industry Association. The fact that he had amassed such a large number of acquaintances all around the country served as evidence of both his professional and personal achievements.

Dick would include a witty cartoon from The New Yorker in all of his correspondence (he kept files of these). In addition to this, he would keep pages of notes containing the anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions of his pals, and he would begin his five-second audio messages with the phrase “Cutler here…” He showed concern and affection in a manner that was characteristic of him. Richard met and married Eileen McKenna in Brooklyn Heights in 1958.

They relocated to Old Greenwich, Connecticut with their two children, Kate and David, and loved the opportunity to live in the lovely Lucas Point neighborhood there. His grandchildren affectionately referred to him as Bestafar, which is the Norwegian word for grandfather. He never missed a birthday, graduation, band concert, or game. He would constantly transform the atmosphere with his acerbic sense of humor, his 6’5′ presence, and his cheshire smile.