Richard Glentzer Obituary

Richard Glentzer Obituary, At Age 58 Richard Glentzer Has Sadly Passed Away

Richard Glentzer Obituary, Death Cause – South Bend, Indiana is where Richard Thomas Glentzer first made his appearance to the world. Born in the city was Richard Thomas Glentzer. Richard Thomas Glentzer has called the Michigan city of Monroe home for a number of years, and he continues to do so to the present day. His death occurred on March 26, 2023, at the age of 58, and this date has been recorded. Regrettably, he died.

His friends and relatives, who were devastated by the news of his death, were also left behind. Friends were also left behind by him. Those who knew and loved him will mourn his departure in the deepest and most sincere ways possible. He breathed his last breath and passed from this earth on that day. His time on Earth had finally come to an end. We are deeply saddened by the news of Richard Thomas Glentzer’s passing and share it with others with reluctance and heaviness in our hearts.

We are in this state because of the news of his death. Please feel free to sign the online guestbook that has been set up for the family’s use to share their gratitude for the support they have received during this difficult time and to offer condolences to those who have lost loved ones. To facilitate the gathering of such comments, a guestbook has been made accessible. Susan Glentzer, Francis Glentzer, and MaryAnn Glentzer (Patnaude) all relocated before he left.

As did his brother-in-law Todd Little and his sister-in-husband. law’s He was the last of his family to pass away. As he went away, he was the last of his relatives still alive. In addition, his sister-in-husband law’s has brought his wife to live with them, making this a three-person household. In addition, his brother’s wife got married to the man who had been living with her before he left; the two are now a married couple.

He is the last surviving member of his family because he was born after his parents had passed away. This is because he was born after his parents had passed away. Due to the fact that he was born after his parents’ deaths, he was raised by his grandparents. His wife, Susan Glentzer, is the only person who will remember him, and she will be the only one who will do so fondly. He will be completely forgotten by everyone else but her.

She is the only one who can keep his legacy alive. No one else will remember him at all, and they won’t either. She was the only one of his relatives who was still alive and had made it out of the fire unharmed. He is survived by: his pets, Diesel and Teddy; his siblings, Rick, Cris, John Glentzer (Kori) of Warren, Michigan and Cristine Little of Lake Isabella, Michigan; his step-father Ian Collins (Limey) of Naples, Florida.