Mahlon Miller Obituary, Former Owner Of Newmar Died at age 83

Mahlon Miller Obituary, Former Owner Of Newmar Died at age 83

Mahlon Miller Obituary, Death Cause – We want to express our deepest condolences to everyone as we share the news that Mahlon Miller, the former owner of Newmar, passed away at the age of 83. Early in the morning of March 30, 2023, Mahlon passed away. The entire staff here at Newmar would like to convey our condolences to the Miller family and let them know that they have our support as they work through this difficult time.

Mahlon Miller was a pioneer in the recreational vehicle sector as well as a dependable member of the Nappanee community. In 1964, Mahlon started working in the RV industry for a cabinet shop, which was his first job in the industry. It was in 1984 when he became a majority owner of Newmar that he resigned from his position as president of the RV manufacturer Holiday Rambler. In the years that followed, he guided the company through a variety of growth cycles, ultimately establishing Newmar as the industry leader in the production of luxury motor coaches.

His attention on listening to what dealers and our customers wanted in a motor coach led to innumerable advancements that can still be found across Newmar’s product range and the industry at large. He is credited with Newmar’s rise to the top of the industry. Many RV patents are in his name, and he is widely recognized as the “father of power slide-outs.” In addition, he was a pioneer in the use of complete body paint on motorhomes and made Newmar the first manufacturer to integrate awnings into the structure of the coach. Both of these innovations are credited to him.

As a result of these advancements, as well as his work to develop the industry as a whole and his ability as a leader, Mahlon was inducted into the RV/MH History Foundation Hall of Fame in the year 1998. The legacy that Mahlon Miller left behind of caring for and designing motor coaches for the way people lived is an important part of our design and construction process to this very day, and many of his basic beliefs continue to play an important role in the culture of our firm today.

We will be eternally thankful to him for his vision, dedication to excellence, and unending courage in guiding Newmar down its path to being the corporation that it is today. The many people whose lives he touched and inspired will miss him greatly because of the profound impact he had on their experiences.