Kaley Abrahamsen Obituary Eustis Florida, Kaley Abrahamsen Has Died

Kaley Abrahamsen Obituary Eustis Florida, Kaley Abrahamsen Has Died

Kaley Abrahamsen Obituary, Death Cause – In addition to being a member of the St. Francis of Assisi R.C. Church in Hackensack, which is situated in Bergen County, Robert was also a member of the PBA Local #49 in Bergen County. Between the years of 1972 and 1974, Robert proudly served his country in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. His tenure in the military lasted from 1972 till 1974.

Bob was the kind of man who valued his family—especially his wife and children—above and beyond anything that could possibly be expressed in words. He was a committed family man who had a profound affection for his wife and children. His commitment to his family was unmatched, and he took unique pleasure in the ritual of rousing his wife and children with rock and roll music from the 1970s and creating unique breakfasts for them on a daily basis.

68 years old at the time of their passing away at the moment in time when they passed away at the moment in time when they passed away. Until Robert retired in 2017, he had racked up more than 36 years of experience working for the Bergen County Police Department. Robert’s last day on the job was in 2017. He joined as a Private First Class, and through hard work and dedication, he eventually rose through the ranks to become a Supervisory Sergeant.

Abrahamsen, Matthew, and Andrew, in addition to Sarah Lourdes, are all aware of the privilege it is to have him as a loving and attentive parent, and they express their gratitude for this opportunity. His parents, Martin and Florence Abrahamsen, who have both passed away, were fortunate to have a son who was kind and loyal to his family. Martin and Florence Abrahamsen were blessed with a son who was full of love.

In addition to that, he enjoyed, for his own entertainment, listening to music that was popular during the era. In addition, one of Bob’s favorite things to do was to get his family off to a good start in the morning by preparing elaborate meals for them. The devoted companion and spouse of Maria M., John A., has been at her side throughout the course of the past three decades (nee Morales).