John Sowerby Obituary, Jensen Beach FL Has Sadly Passed Away

John Sowerby Obituary, Jensen Beach FL Has Sadly Passed Away

John Sowerby Obituary, Death – On March 28, Captain John Sowerby, who had been battling small cell lung cancer, passed away in our home in Jensen Beach, Florida. He had been battling the disease for some time. I am writing to tell you the news that Dad passed away with a heavy heart and a great deal of sadness. Please accept my condolences.

On the other hand, when they arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, and he saw all of the attractive girls wearing shorts on the campus of Arizona State University, he made the decision to remain in Phoenix for a time. After spending a few years in the state of Arizona, he eventually made his way to the southern region of the state of California. In Balboa Island, he began his career in the chemical sales industry and also worked part-time at a tackle shop. In addition, he did some work on the side at a restaurant.

After receiving a diagnosis in September, he had extensive chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments for the preceding seven months; however, tragically, his cancer did not react to the treatments and finally resulted in his passing. This week, he came to the conclusion that he no longer wished to undergo treatment and instead opted to enter hospice care. Once John was given the diagnosis, he confided in me and a number of other friends that he believed he had led a fantastic and wonderful life.

And that he had absolutely no regrets about the decisions he had made in the past. This was something he shared after he had received the news that he had cancer. Although he was born in Dearborn, Michigan, he spent the majority of his early childhood in the city of Detroit, Michigan. John “caught” his first fish in Lake St. Clair in Canada when he was about three years old. The lake is located in Canada. Because his father secretly placed a fish on John’s hook when he wasn’t looking.

The younger man was unaware that he had reeled in a catch. When he was younger, he participated in a wide variety of sports, including ice hockey, baseball, and football. He also played golf. After that, he continued his education at Western Michigan University, where he also took part in the ice hockey program. After receiving his diploma from Western, he traveled to the Golden State alongside a friend (as so many young people from the Midwest did during that time).