John Hasson Obituary

John Hasson Obituary, A Member Of The KLH Club Has Sadly Passed Away

John Hasson Obituary, Death Cause – We are sorry to inform you that John Hasson passed away on March 28th, 2023. His passing came as a shock to all of us. Everyone here was taken aback by the news of his passing. Everyone in this place was shocked when they heard about his dying away. He went away while the devoted members of his family looked after him while he was there. While he was gone, they took care of him.

His leaving did not in any way, shape, or form in any way cause any kind of discomfort. I wish and pray that he would be at peace for the entirety of eternity when he has passed away. Tragically, he passed away at his home, which was situated at 91 Legavallon Road in Dungiven, County Derry, Ireland. His demise was a tragic event that took place there. in addition to being a passionate and doting father of Dermot-Barney (Nuala), Sean-Ching (Laura), and Dominic-Chubba.

He is also Anna’s much-loved and adored spouse (Alva). Ryanna and Geraldine, who were both no longer with him, in addition to Seaghan, Cahir, Padraig, T.J., Conor, Caoimhe, Niamh, and Dearbhla, whom he cherished as his grandchildren. Ryanna and Geraldine had both passed away. Both Ryanna and Geraldine were taken from us too soon. I pray that both of them will be able to find serenity in the life that comes after this one.

Loving son of Tommy Kelly and Cassie Kelly, who have both died away, and devoted brother of the late Bill and Mary Kelly, who have also both passed away. Tommy and Cassie Kelly both passed away. Cassie Kelly and her brother Tommy Kelly both passed away. Everyone in his extended family, including his aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews, and the rest of his cousins, is going to miss him very much. This includes the remainder of his cousins.

At the location of the residence where he had been living up until the time of his passing. Spending quality time with family was prioritized throughout the period beginning at ten o’clock at night and continuing until eleven o’clock the following morning. On Thursday, March 30, funeral services will be performed beginning at 10.20 am at his former residence, followed by a Requiem Mass at 11 am at Saint Patrick’s Church in Dungiven.

Both events will take place on Thursday. Both of these gatherings are going to be held on the same day. Both events are scheduled to take place on Thursday, so plan accordingly. After the conclusion of the worship service, the body of the deceased was laid to rest in the cemetery that was located beside the church. This took place as soon as the service was over.