Jason Simmons Obituary

Jason Simmons Obituary, Jason Simmons Has Passed Away

Jason Simmons Obituary, Death Cause – The identity of the guy whose body was found in an apartment in Citrus Heights last week has been established by the authorities; however, the specifics of the circumstances surrounding the individual’s passing are not yet known. The victim of an event that took place on March 20 and is being investigated by the police as a possible homicide has been named as 33-year-old Jason Tanom Simmons by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office.

Lieutenant Michael Wells, who is employed by the local police department, has stated that they believe the crime was intentional and carried out with a specific victim in mind. “This does not appear to be a random event, and there is no increased risk to the community,” Wells said. “There is no greater risk to the community.” “[T]here is not a more significant threat to the community than this.”

The investigation into the event is being conducted as a possible homicide. According to the authorities, the cause of death has not been released, and they cited the continuing investigation as the rationale for this decision. Officers from the Sayonara Drive Police Department were called to the 7800 block of Sayonara Drive on March 20 at approximately 6:45 p.m. This was discussed in earlier reports.

During a phone call on March 28, the police stated that they did not have any new information that could be made public, but they did imply that additional details could be made public later this week. This was stated despite the fact that they did not have any new information that could be made public. The authorities are requesting that anybody who believes they may have information regarding this incident to call the Crime Stoppers hotline in the Sacramento Valley at 1-800-AA-CRIME. Callers can remain anonymous while providing their information. Information provided to the police that results in an arrest may be eligible for a monetary reward, as stated by the police.