Jack Lumsden Obituary, Jack Lumsden Has Passed Away

Jack Lumsden Obituary, Death Cause – When the club found out that the renowned Jack Lumsden, who had been a member of the MWRLFC for many years and wore the number 66 jersey, had passed away, they were filled with an enormous sense of loss. Jack Lumsden had worn the number 66 shirt during his time with the club. For a significant amount of time, Jack was an active participant in the club’s activities. Jack, who was born and raised in the Hunter region, signed a contract to play rugby for Manly in 1951 in exchange for a signing bonus of one hundred pounds sterling and two hundred and eighty pounds for the upcoming season.

Jack played with Manly until the end of the 1952 season. Jack remained a member of the squad all the way through the conclusion of the 1952 campaign. Jack stayed with the team right up until the very end of the 1952 campaign, when it was time to pack it in. While they have been carrying on a monthly contact with “Lummo,” one of the Directors of the MWRLFC has found it to be a very fascinating experience to listen to Jack reflect on his life in the years that have passed since they began their correspondence with “Lummo.”

Jack received this compensation in addition to receiving a salary of two hundred and eighty pounds for the upcoming season. In compensation for the services that Jack provided, he was given a payment in the sum of two hundred and eighty pounds. Jack was a winger for the club, scored two tries in our loss in the 1951 Grand Final, and remained with Manly until the conclusion of the 1952 season.

Jack maintained a steady line of communication with Premiership winner Bill Hamilton, who has a number of titles to his record (Herman was a ball boy when Jack was a player for the Weston Pagans). The people who are a part of the Mid-Western Rugby League Family and Friends Club would like to express their deepest condolences to Jack’s daughter and caretaker, Deborah, as well as to the rest of Jack’s family and friends. We are deeply sorry for the loss you have suffered.