Harry McLeod Obituary

Harry McLeod Obituary, Harry McLeod Aged 70 Has Sadly Passed Away

Harry McLeod Obituary, Death Cause – On March 23, 2023, shortly after sunrise, Harry Arthur McLeod II passed away. He had lived to be 70 years old. Born on September 2, 1952, in Memphis, Tennessee, Harry’s rambunctious upbringing earned him the nickname “Buster.” His relatives also called him “Buster,” although he went by his birth name. Harry, a gentle soul, held a deep appreciation for nature and spent as much time as he could studying the flora.

Fauna, and natural history of the places he visited. Harry admired and cherished the natural environment. He was particularly captivated by birds. In order to pursue this passion, he enrolled in the University of Tennessee’s School of Veterinary Medicine. One of the persons he met for the first time at this school was Ruthie, who would become his wife. The Dogwood Animal Hospital in South Knoxville was founded in 1988 by two individuals who remained its sole employees until their retirement in 2019.

Harry was an all-around athletic prodigy who starred in baseball at the collegiate level, geezer ball middle-aged basketball in his later years, and golf right up to the end. College baseball, middle-aged basketball or “geezer ball”, and golf kept him active till the end. He was a baseball player in college, a geriatric ball basketball player in middle age, and a golfer till the end. He smacked a Budweiser Clydesdale in the face.

Tipped off the police about a bank robber, and visited nearly all of the United States’ National Parks in his RV named Ric Flair, thus his life was full of interesting and adventurous experiences. For instance, he had a lot of interesting and thrilling things happen to him throughout his life. His life was full with exciting experiences that pumped his adrenaline to the max. His bad luck included being drafted a week before the Vietnam War ended.

Tearing his ACL while playing geriatric ball, and being diagnosed with a rare and difficult-to-treat kind of cancer. Over the course of his life, he encountered all of these misfortunes. All of these tragic events had him as their common denominator. To his wife, children, grandchildren, and brothers, Harry was first and foremost a caring and cherished member of the family. His wife Ruthie, their daughters Dorothy and Julianne, his grandson Arthur.