Gwyneth Paltrow Daily Wellness Routine, Emma Actress Addresses Backlash

In response to the criticism of her eating habits, Gwyneth Paltrow is replying. The Emma actor responded to criticism that she was endorsing a restrictive diet after detailing her wellness regimen, which includes fasting and drinking bone broth, on the podcast The Art Of Being Well.

On March 17, Gwyneth said in a video that she shared on her Instagram Stories: “Everyone needs to be aware that I was recording a podcast with my doctor, with whom I’ve been managing certain chronic conditions for the past two years. I’ve had COVID for a very long time, and during that time, my inflammation levels have markedly grown.” With functional medicine specialist Dr. Will Cole, the 50-year-old has “really focused on things that aren’t inflammatory,” according to the woman.

Gwyneth also noted that the diet, which consists of “plenty of vegetables, cooked vegetables, all types of proteins, and fantastic carbs,” has been tailored to her needs even though it has worked well for her. The actor who won an Oscar said, “The basis for this was my rigorous testing over many years and my medical records. This was just a straightforward recounting of a discussion I had with my doctors; it wasn’t meant to be advice for anyone else. Actually, I only know what has worked well for me. It has been quite profitable and fruitful.”

When the podcast episode featuring the founder of Goop aired on March 13, dietitians expressed concern about Gwyneth’s health routine. Her regimen was described as “disordered” by several people to Buzzfeed and Insider. Gwyneth clarified the problem and acknowledged her Instagram feed didn’t accurately reflect her entire diet, contrary to what she indicated in the episode.

She made it clear that this does not indicate that this is how I always eat. “But, I don’t only consume vegetables and bone broth. In addition to eating complete meals, I occasionally treat myself to a few days of eating anything I want, including French fries and other things. Yet my main concerns have always been leading a healthy lifestyle and eating relaxing foods.”