Eric Keesen Obituary

Eric Keesen Obituary, Eric Keesen Has Passed Away

Eric Keesen Obituary, Death Cause – The authorities have now been able to determine the identity of the man who died in the Village of Balsam Lake from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head during a standoff with police. Although it took some time, the authorities have now been able to make this determination. It was stated that the Polk County Sheriff’s Office was assisting the Rice Lake Police Department in their search for a person who had outstanding warrants against them.

There were active arrest warrants for Keesen in the counties of Barron and Washburn; the former was for the felony charge of stalking, while the latter was for the offense of child enticement. Keesen finally stopped communicating with the authorities after eleven hours of being in a standoff with them, and as a result, the officers were compelled to withdraw from the area. After that, the police discovered Keesen in the attic space of a building and attempted to take him into custody gently; however, they were unable to do so.

The individual in question was wanted on many charges. The Rice Lake Police Department had contacted the Polk County Sheriff’s Office to ask for aid in their investigation, and they had received a positive response. Their investigation brought them to a hotel in the community of Balsam Lake, where they discovered that a man named Eric Keesen, 39, who was originally from Rice Lake, had locked himself in a room and refused to come out.

Keesen fought with the officers when they tried to arrest him. It looks like Keesen shot himself, however despite this, there was an attempt made to save his life. Despite this, there was an attempt made to save Keesen’s life. In the end, he passed away as a direct result of the injuries he sustained. The St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office is the organization that is responsible for conducting the investigation into the incident that took occurred.