Deaundreya Caraway Obituary, Resident of Topeka Has Died - Death Cause

Deaundreya Caraway Obituary, Resident of Topeka Has Died – Death Cause

Deaundreya Caraway Death, Obituary – The victim of a recent crime that took place in the Capital City was able to be positively identified by the police in that city on Monday. The crime took place in that city. The offense was committed in the nation’s capital city. The homicide that occurred was committed in the city where it took place. Deaundreya D. Caraway, 38 years old, was a resident of Topeka and was recognized as the victim of a shooting that took place over the weekend.

Caraway was identified as the victim of the incident. Caraway was killed when she was shot, as a consequence of the event that took place. This information was given to us by Topeka Police Department officer Donna Eubanks, and we would like to thank her for her assistance (TPD). According to Eubanks, law enforcement officers were dispatched to the 1500 block of Southeast Quincy on the morning of March 26 at 10:13 a.m. in response to a complaint that a shooting had taken place in the aforementioned location.

Eubanks claims that the complaint was made in response to a shooting that had taken place in the location. The allegation made in the complaint said that the shooting had occurred at the location that was specified earlier. They found someone who had been hurt by gunfire and was in need of medical assistance when they arrived at the scene. When they were driving up to the site, they were able to pinpoint the location of this individual.

It was determined at the conclusion of the day that Caraway was the individual who had been the target of the criminal activity. According to the medical staff that was present, Caraway was pronounced dead while emergency medical workers were still on the scene of the accident. This information was provided by the emergency medical employees who were present.

If you witnessed the gunshot that took place just now, you are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the Topeka Police Department as soon as humanly feasible if you have any information on it. You are able to do so by calling the department at the following number: 785-368-9400 or by sending an email to the following address: Both of these methods are available to you. You also have the option of doing both of these things at the same time.