Art Alois Obituary

Art Alois Obituary, Art Alois At Age 75 Has Sadly Passed Away

Art Alois Obituary, Death Cause – On March 24, 2023, in the community of Monson, California, Arthur C. “Art” Alois passed away at the ripe old age of 75. Seventy-five years out of his life were spent there by the time he passed away. He entered this world on May 8, 1947, in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. His parents, Arthur A. Alois and Doris (Laudeman), both of whom passed away after he was born, are no longer with us to celebrate his arrival.

They have passed away, sadly. He grew up without any siblings or sisters because his parents only had one child. He has his parents’ genes. To them, he was a son. Art played football for all four years he attended the University of Pittsburgh as an undergraduate student working on a Bachelor of Arts. Art was a quarterback for the Panthers and he excelled in the classroom. Art’s position on the team called for him to fill the role of wide receiver.

During that time, he was a member of the team and actively took part in its games and other events as a player. Soon after Art graduated from college in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, he met the woman who would become the love of his life: Jane. Art had finished college not long before this. Art and Jane met, and their paths crossed fortuitously. In the end, he decided to spend the rest of his life with Jane and propose to her.

The wedding which took place over three decades ago in Monson, Massachusetts, was worth the trek. They had recently been married. The city was located in the area that is now Massachusetts during the time. Throughout his time in the transportation industry, Art worked in the sales departments of a wide range of various companies. He decided to leave the profession when he had worked long enough and had seen enough to satisfy his desire for retirement.

He was excited to spend time with his family and friends doing fun activities like fishing and golfing. The outdoors in general was something he enjoyed, as was simply sitting and taking in the view of his yard. Being outside and seeing nature were two of his favorite things to do. Art was deemed a worthy candidate for inclusion into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 1989, thanks to his exceptional athletic exploits at the high school and collegiate levels of competition.

Art was considered for this award because of his many achievements. This honor is given to Art as a token of recognition for all he has accomplished throughout his life. Both of Art’s parents and his brother, Richard A. Alois, had already passed away before Art left this life. Art’s other uncle was named Richard A. Alois. Only Art’s brother, Richard A. Alois, is still among the living. Even Art was the only kid there, and he had no cousins or other siblings with whom he could hang together.