Anna Gatchell Obituary Cedarville Ohio, Cedarville University Student Has Died

Anna Gatchell Obituary Cedarville Ohio, Cedarville University Student Has Died

Anna Gatchell Obituary, Death – Anna Gatchell, a student at Cedarville University who was 20 years old and from Red Lion, Pennsylvania, passed away. On March 28, 2023, it was reported on social media that she had passed away. “Cedarville was in a gloomy mood. Anna Gatchell’s family could use your prayers.” Anna Gatchell passed away a couple of months before she would have turned 21.

Anna Gatchell committed suicide. It is not known what caused her death. Anna Gatchell was born in the city of York in the state of Pennsylvania. She was the cherished daughter of Matt and Christine Gatchell, as well as a devoted sister to her elder brothers Ethan and Joel, who competed in distance running at Cedarville, and a brother to her younger brother. Katryn, who is currently a junior in track and field at Geneva College, is her older sister.

Anna Gatchell is a Pennsylvania native and a homeschool graduate who grew up in Red Lion. She was a quarterback and a thrower for Red Lion Area High School’s football team. Before she was injured, she had scored 12 goals in junior high and nine goals in high school. There is a major in cyber operation at Cedarville University, which is a Christian university located in Cedarville, Ohio.

Anna Gatchell, who was 20 years old and originally from Red Lion, Pennsylvania, passed away suddenly when she was attending Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio. Anna Gatchell was a student there. A post that was published on social media on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, informed readers that she had gone away the previous day. “What a dreadful day it turned out to be at Cedarville. During this trying time, please pray for Anna Gatchell’s family.

They need your support.” Anna Gatchell did not live to see her 21st birthday because she went tragically a few months before that milestone. Reports indicate that Anna Gatchell committed suicide and thus passed away. It is currently unknown the particulars of the chain of events that culminated in her passing at the time that this article was produced.