Angela Oakes Obituary

Angela Oakes Obituary, A Member And Co-Founder Of The GWIPR Has Passed Away

Angela Oakes Obituary, Death Cause – Our co-president and co-founder, Angela Oakes, went away suddenly this morning following a brief illness unfortunately connected to her battle with cancer. She only had a brief sickness before she passed away. For a long time, she had been fighting cancer head-on. There is a heavy weight of regret on our shoulders as we deliver this news to you. Angela was a huge cheerleader for the ladies of tomorrow who will work in our field.

GWPR was founded on the tenet of “supporting, connecting, and championing,” and Angela has been the driving force behind two of the organization’s most important initiatives: the Annual Index, which is a tool for monitoring the status of women in the industry, and Empower, the only global cross-border mentoring programme for women in the middle of their careers. These two efforts are crucial to GWPR’s mission.

All of these efforts are crucial to the accomplishments of GWPR as a whole. These two facets of GWPR’s operations are crucial to the success of the organization. Angela has had a highly successful career in public relations; for over 25 years, she worked out of London at her own PR firm. She has recently started her own company. Former President of WPR UK, she now runs a company that caters to the demands of multinational corporations in terms of their external communications.

Her current company is named after her previous position. The success attained by her group was comparable. In an effort to leave an indelible mark on the field of public relations, she and Sue Hardwick founded the nonprofit networking group Global Women in PR seven years ago. Angela launched a campaign to address the widespread issue of the dearth of women in executive positions and other pressing issues facing women in the public relations industry today.

She also felt strongly about other issues that have a direct impact on women in the public relations industry and which she fought hard to address. One of the issues that affects the daily lives of women working in public relations nowadays is the gender pay gap. As a result of her dedication and perseverance, she has left behind a legacy that will continue to push progress for women, and as a direct result, she has many friends and colleagues who will miss her greatly and feel a profound sense of loss.

This was something she felt strongly about. This is common knowledge among a sizable portion of the audience. To achieve parity between the sexes in a field dominated by women, she was committed to helping these women reach their full potential and campaigning for more women to take high positions. This step was done to achieve gender equality.